Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2010: The Year of Yes

Clouds have rolled in this morning. Sun has gone to hide. Question lingers in my mind and I do not like to answer. "Did I enjoy the moment?" "Did I stop and take advantage of God's rare gift of sun in February?" Well, did I? (To be fair, we did escape one day to the park. To be fair again, there were others where we stayed in and we could have gone out.)

I like control. I like order. I like peace. I like organization. I like, no love, clean. It is who I am. For better or worse. It is me. I have been like this since I was a little girl over at friend's homes cleaning their rooms. I am like this now, as a woman who does not, almost ever, leave the house in less than perfect order. Some call it a sickness. Some call it a gift. For me it is a love and a hate relationship. So...when I read on www.aholyexperience.com about her naming this year "The Year of Yes" I understood. You see, I have these two boys. No girls. Boys. They love to run. They love a mess. They love to destroy. In fact, they are standing on my office counter as I write. (One in a firefighter hat and the other in a safari hat.) Loving life. Vibrant. Fun. (I will have to make this brief so that I can give them the attention they desire.) These boys, these wonderful boys, delight my heart and make me crazy! They require adventure and exploration to grow them into men. That said, there must be more "Yes" and less "No" in my life.
Yes to spontaneous trips to the park. Yes to late afternoon walks and early morning bike rides. Yes to the zoo and the children's museum. Yes to bakery store visits. Yes to painting and building train tracks. Yes to school and learning. Yes to kisses and loves. Yes to snuggle time. Yes to walks to the room when night has fallen and fear has struk. Yes to, dare I say it, GLITTER.

Yes is something that I could use more of throughout my life. I think most of us could. Not just for our free spirited children. For ourselves. For our husbands. For our souls. Yes to early morning breakfast with our spouse and quiet time with our God. Yes to the dreaded trip to the gym or treadmill. Yes to a messy home. Yes to friends over for dinner at the last minute. Yes to helping a child learn to read. Yes to, again I hesitate, GLITTER.

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