Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2010: The Year of Yes

Clouds have rolled in this morning. Sun has gone to hide. Question lingers in my mind and I do not like to answer. "Did I enjoy the moment?" "Did I stop and take advantage of God's rare gift of sun in February?" Well, did I? (To be fair, we did escape one day to the park. To be fair again, there were others where we stayed in and we could have gone out.)

I like control. I like order. I like peace. I like organization. I like, no love, clean. It is who I am. For better or worse. It is me. I have been like this since I was a little girl over at friend's homes cleaning their rooms. I am like this now, as a woman who does not, almost ever, leave the house in less than perfect order. Some call it a sickness. Some call it a gift. For me it is a love and a hate relationship. So...when I read on www.aholyexperience.com about her naming this year "The Year of Yes" I understood. You see, I have these two boys. No girls. Boys. They love to run. They love a mess. They love to destroy. In fact, they are standing on my office counter as I write. (One in a firefighter hat and the other in a safari hat.) Loving life. Vibrant. Fun. (I will have to make this brief so that I can give them the attention they desire.) These boys, these wonderful boys, delight my heart and make me crazy! They require adventure and exploration to grow them into men. That said, there must be more "Yes" and less "No" in my life.
Yes to spontaneous trips to the park. Yes to late afternoon walks and early morning bike rides. Yes to the zoo and the children's museum. Yes to bakery store visits. Yes to painting and building train tracks. Yes to school and learning. Yes to kisses and loves. Yes to snuggle time. Yes to walks to the room when night has fallen and fear has struk. Yes to, dare I say it, GLITTER.

Yes is something that I could use more of throughout my life. I think most of us could. Not just for our free spirited children. For ourselves. For our husbands. For our souls. Yes to early morning breakfast with our spouse and quiet time with our God. Yes to the dreaded trip to the gym or treadmill. Yes to a messy home. Yes to friends over for dinner at the last minute. Yes to helping a child learn to read. Yes to, again I hesitate, GLITTER.

Gratitude Monday...On Tuesday

I am getting closer. So much to be grateful for this past week.

17. The joy of learning to read with Oldest Son. Such an exciting process. I even broke down and purchased the McGuffy Readers on Amazon. (I taught myself to read on this series of books and loved it as a little girl.)

18. "I know they are going to solve the problem. Imagination Movers always solve the problem." Pause. (Watching AM cartoons with Oldest Son.) "Mama I love you so much."

19. Youngest Son and his increasing sweetness. He is growing into a little boy and he is such a delight to watch. (All be it, a bit of work at times.)

20. I work with such a great group of women on my weekend. We were pretty busy both days and I feel so thankful for being able to work with such truly WONDERFUL people!

21. A husband who continues to give and give, even when he is EXHAUSTED! I am so thankful for him and all he does. (He finished on a Honey Do list over the weekend!)


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gratitude Monday...On Wednesday

Perhaps one of these days I will finally get it right. For now it seems that I will press on and be glad that I even have a moment for this at all. This little bit of me. It is funny. I don't believe a soul even knows about this little place of mine. I would consider myself a private person, though I know in my heart I long to be known. Known for what really drives me to wake and smile each day. Known for the things that bring me true joy. Known for something so much more than me. Alas...perhaps one of these days.

12. Oldest son who when he sees his mama wear a belt for the first time in her adult life, smiles, then expresses with great joy, "You look BEAUTIFUL in that dress."

13. Valentines with my best friend (husband) at Pikes Place Market in Seattle. Walking by all the great produce stands, vibrant in color on the 14th day of February. The tastes of a French bakery for breakfast. In awe of all that is so lovely around us; this sea of unique life.

14. Oldest son who tells me he loves me so much that even when he was my tummy he wanted to come out so he could be with me. (He is truly precious.)

15. Youngest son who after being put in bed, waiting patiently for his brother to be asleep, casually walks into our room and asks to "snuggle."

16. So thankful for husband who is an honest and hard working man. He continues to impress me.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweetheart. I love you.

I just love this boy. He is such a delight to me.

Gratitude Monday...on Thursday

Gratitude Monday...on Thursday. I know. I know. I have my reasons though. I have been captured by work and the celebration of a momentous birthday. (It seems I have crossed over from youth to adult all in a days time.) It is funny how that works. I did not seem to notice any different sort of feeling. Yet, here I am. Wife, Mother, Adult. No longer just a young adult, but a full fledged member of the club. (I expect my card to arrive in the mail any day now.) On a more serious note, I have some things to add to my Gratitude Monday List.

7. The thoughtfulness of a husband that loves me in every sense of the word. I am TRULY blessed by him. His kindness and goodness to me seems limitless.

8. First Son and his sweet nature. "Happy Birthday Sweetheart. I love you." "Mama can pick first because I love her the most." "May I snuggle please?" (All things uttered yesterday.)

9. Second Son and his boundless energy. He stayed strong most of a busy day as we went from Preschool to Gym to Store to Grandma Greats to Friends to Home. (Always full of life until we arrived home after a long day and I lifted his exhausted body out of carseat and into my arms only to transfer him to soft crib for the rest of the night at 1630!)

10. The best birthday party a girl could ever have. Planned with love by the best boy a girl could ever know. The End.

11. The Birthday Wishes of so many kind people. I feel so very blessed and so very gratful for all of them. One word. Thankful.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gratitude Community

I have been reading Ann Voskamp's blog at http://www.aholyexperience.com/ for over a year now. I use it as part of my Quiet Moment with The One Who Saves. I have been thinking more and more about joining her Gratitude Community. (Being thankful for a bit of life and noting it.) She uses Monday as her day to jot down things she is blessed by. Now I know today is Tuesday..but no time like the present. I think perhaps if I allow myself to not just think but to account for all that God is on word written, then the joy may be noted more deeply. Just a journey into something wonderful.

1. The excitement of my young boy in the morning as he explains "Reversible Change."

2. The simple deep breath that is a few Quiet Moments in the early AM hours after husband leaves for work and before sons wake from sleep.

3. The view from my bedroom windows of tree line and green field.

4. A good read that encourages and leaves one feeling thankful for new beginnings. (A Mother's Heart by Jean Fleming.)

5. Late night conversation and chiding with husband. (I love that he his my friend.)

6. Breakfast in bed with my boys. (So sweet and wonderful. I wish I could hold onto this FOREVER.)