Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fogarty Beach

60. The sounds of the ocean.

61. The smell of ocean air.

62. The simple joy that is finding bits of shell on the beach.

63. Sunshine. Warm on my face.

64. Watching children cover husband and youngest son with sand.

65. Hands digging in the sand...hoping for a clam...only to come up mostly empty.

66. Car drives with enough time for a nap. (I heart sleeping in the car.)

67. Eating dinner at the home of kind family friends and feeling like family.

68. Swimming in the hotel pool with all my boys.
69. Thankfulness for the endless love of children despite our unworthiness.

70. Husband and his eye for beauty through the camera lens and beyond.

71. The joy of the nights sleep in ones own bed after being away from home.

72. Possibilities...

73. Oldest son and his first lost tooth...at the tender age of 4. (It seems early to me.)

74. Watching brothers lift each other up.

75. Oldest son and his reading. (Finished his first real book and did AMAZING. I cannot believe he is only 4.)

76. The joy of boys and LEGOS. It is impressive what they can build.

77. Trying new things...despite how badly I may have done them. At least I had the courage to go and see.

78. Anna's new baby Liem. (So sweet.)

79. Making it through another day of work.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Sandbox

Today we went to the Washington Park Zoo. It was a spontaneous trip, brought on at the suggestion of my ever brilliant husband as he was preparing to leave for work this morning. Husband: Why don't you take the boys to the zoo this morning? Wife: Well, I guess I could. And so we went. I pulled together a sack lunch and threw a variety of coat options in the car, along with the BOB Stroller, which I LOVE, and we were off. Well...almost. We had to stop at the gym for my Wednesday Step Class which I have become quite fond of. Then...a not so quick as planned errand in Portland, which turned into a full drive around the city as I missed my exit. Then...we were off to the zoo.
Once there we made our way to our most favorite spot at the zoo. You would think it would be the animals wouldn't you? Well, it's not. Not in our family. I have two boys. Two very active boy boys! When we go to the zoo we LOVE the SANDBOX. It is under the ramp, next to Stellar Cove. We could sit there for hours and play with the dozers and diggers and dumpers. Oldest Son is a Construction Site Manager deluxe. He commands that Sandbox as if it were his very charge. Youngest Son wanders about doing his own things and frequently stopping by to have me wipe the sand off his hands.
Which brings me to this post. Last Saturday Husband dug a hole. It took him many hours. It made his back ache to be sure. It left him dirty and sweaty, which I kind of like, as long as it is outside. He had many other things he should have been doing. Many other things pressing for his limited time home. His love led him to dig and dig and dig. He is a wonderful papa. He is committed to raising them well. He is love to them. He is love to me.
50. Husband
51. Oldest Son
52. Youngest Son
53. Holes in the ground.
54. Sand, sand, and more sand.
55. Yard work.
56. Sunny days spent at home.
57. Sunny days spent at the zoo.
58. The sun in general. (I am not picky.)
59. Sweet words from Oldest Son, my lover. ("I love you Mama. There is no other mama in the whole world I love as much as you. I would never want another mama."

Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Week

See the land, her Easter keeping,
Rises as her Maker rose.
Seeds, so long in darkness sleeping,
Burst at last from winter snows.
Earth with heaven above rejoices,
Fields and gardens hail the spring;
Shaughs and woodlands ring with voices,
While the young birds build and sing.
You to whom the Maker granted
Powers to those sweet birds unknown,
Use the craft by God implanted;
Use the reason not your own.
Here, while heaven and earth rejoices,
Each his Easter tribute bring-
Work of fingers, chant of voices,
Like the birds who build and sing.