Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gratitude Monday...On Tuesday

I am getting closer. So much to be grateful for this past week.

17. The joy of learning to read with Oldest Son. Such an exciting process. I even broke down and purchased the McGuffy Readers on Amazon. (I taught myself to read on this series of books and loved it as a little girl.)

18. "I know they are going to solve the problem. Imagination Movers always solve the problem." Pause. (Watching AM cartoons with Oldest Son.) "Mama I love you so much."

19. Youngest Son and his increasing sweetness. He is growing into a little boy and he is such a delight to watch. (All be it, a bit of work at times.)

20. I work with such a great group of women on my weekend. We were pretty busy both days and I feel so thankful for being able to work with such truly WONDERFUL people!

21. A husband who continues to give and give, even when he is EXHAUSTED! I am so thankful for him and all he does. (He finished on a Honey Do list over the weekend!)

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