Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gratitude Monday...On Wednesday

Perhaps one of these days I will finally get it right. For now it seems that I will press on and be glad that I even have a moment for this at all. This little bit of me. It is funny. I don't believe a soul even knows about this little place of mine. I would consider myself a private person, though I know in my heart I long to be known. Known for what really drives me to wake and smile each day. Known for the things that bring me true joy. Known for something so much more than me. Alas...perhaps one of these days.

12. Oldest son who when he sees his mama wear a belt for the first time in her adult life, smiles, then expresses with great joy, "You look BEAUTIFUL in that dress."

13. Valentines with my best friend (husband) at Pikes Place Market in Seattle. Walking by all the great produce stands, vibrant in color on the 14th day of February. The tastes of a French bakery for breakfast. In awe of all that is so lovely around us; this sea of unique life.

14. Oldest son who tells me he loves me so much that even when he was my tummy he wanted to come out so he could be with me. (He is truly precious.)

15. Youngest son who after being put in bed, waiting patiently for his brother to be asleep, casually walks into our room and asks to "snuggle."

16. So thankful for husband who is an honest and hard working man. He continues to impress me.

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