Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Unplanned Shopping

I had a chance to stop by Safeway and Albertsons after work yesterday. (I had a late work meeting and so Husband was picking up Boys from Grandmas.) These were quick, unplanned trips, and I was pretty excited how they turned out.

At Safeway I picked up all the below for $2.43. (No Catalinas people. Just coupons!)

At Albertsons I was able to pick up all the below for $3.00. (Again, no Catalinas used. Just coupons.)

That is 14 boxes of Quaker Oatmeal Squares, which happens to be one of my boys favorites, from the over a month old Quaker Rain Check . (They finally had some in stock.) Plus 2 Darigold Sour Creams. Lastly, 4 boxes of Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks. In addition to being a great deal, I also received a $2.50 Catalina on the Fruit Snacks. If I would have had the time and the energy I would have rolled the Fruit Snack Catalina, but my boys were calling at my heart after a long day gone.

1 comment:

  1. Hey, I will take a box of those. :) I love that cereal and did not get in on the deal. I still have no idea how it is that you do so well. Love ya.