Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Weekend Love

I just love holiday weekends. More appropriately I just love holiday weekends where I am not working. I was supposed to be working but some nice person was willing to work my day for me and I her day for her. (I just love amicable relations.) (I just love it when things turn out in the end.)
We spent the weekend up at The Lake where my family has property. I just love being there. It brings back so many good memories and it requires one to just let go. In fact, camping in general is a loss of control. No house to clean. No dishes to wash. No clothes to launder and fold and put away. No bed to make. No toys to put away. Yes...camping is the perfect get-away for the Type A individual such as myself. I can finally let go and I love it.
(Some examples of the simplicity of camping.)
1. After dinner. No dishes. Just burn them in the fire or throw them in the trash.
2. Wake up in the morning and roll out of one's sleeping bag. No bed making needed.
3. The kids can run and make all the mess their sweet hearts desire. I don't care. I don't have to clean it up.
Yes, most everything about camping appeals to me. Like I said, I love it.
I don't even mind the clean up when one arrives home. Throw it all in the wash and put it all away. (Restock all the camping bins so they are ready for the next adventure.) The house is clean and the bed feels so good. In fact...everything is good. You are home and everything is as it should be. Oh...and that first shower after a weekend away from one. So good. Love it.
The mind is rested. The memories are made. The soul feels free. The kids are worn out and sleep soundly. Love, love, love camping. (Even camping in the rain.)
P.S. Husband loved camping as well, though everyday he would threaten to go home if the weather turned. (Which it did.) Though he never went through with his promise. We were having too much fun and love and the rain.

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