Monday, May 17, 2010

The Siouxon

I have these two boys. Oldest Son and Youngest Son. They are quite something. I know I speak as their Mama, but the things they say and do. Examples to follow.

The other night in bed. Just as we were about to fall asleep. We heard a noise and wrote it off as not important. We went back to the business of falling asleep. (Very important business I might add.) In the morning I discovered a certain Little One was not in his crib. He was sleeping, with his feet hanging off the bed, with his Big Brother and his Pooh Bear.

Last night. Youngest Son woke up at 0543 with a bad dream. I know this by the sound he makes and the words that follow.
Youngest Son: The D (pronounced duh) Moose! The D Moose! (As he falls out of his crib and I meet him at his doorway.)
After much holding and loving and calming Youngest Son finds his place in our bed and snuggles down next to Papa. Meanwhile, Older Son has woken and I am walking him back to bed. After all, it may be light out, but that is way too early on a school morning for any 4 year old!
After Oldest Son is calm in his own bed and youngest son is babbling a mile a minute to his all too sleepy Papa, I remember Youngest Son was NAKED. In to his room I march and notice there are no jammies and no diaper there. Also, the bed happens to not be wet either. Hmm....
I am making my assumptions that Husband put Youngest Son to bed without jammies or a diaper and not sure what to think about this. Then I decide to investigate a little bit more before I jump to wife-like conclusions. I go into the Kids Bath and notice that there, by the toilet are his diaper, his jammies, and his most prized possession, Pooh Bear (which is not a Pooh Bear but just a Bear he named Pooh). Oh, and lots of yellow pee all around. That boy is off I tell you. He won't pee during the day in the toilet, but he pees during the night in the toilet.
Just today. Oldest Son is napping after being exhausted from being up so early. Youngest Son is quietly in his bed "sleeping." I hear this noise upstairs. I ignore it until I hear this.
Youngest Son: I need your help Mama.
Youngest Son: Mama!
I make my way upstairs only to discover that Youngest Son is on the toilet and all around him on the floor is clean white toilet paper.
Youngest Son: (Big Smile!) I go poop!
Mama: Lots of praise and encouragement.
Apparently he only goes poop or pee when he can use it as an excuse to get out of his crib.
On that note. Husband had a great story about Oldest Son over the weekend. Pretty funny. It goes something like this.
Oldest Son: I got an idea. (While driving in the car.)
Papa: What?
Oldest Son: No more hot sauce for older kids. Hot sauce is for younger kids. Older kids can have a time out. (Very matter of fact on this.)
Papa: What age kids can get hot sauce?
Oldest Son: 2 1/2 year olds.
Papa: Really?
Oldest Son: And adults. They like hot sauce.
I love those kids and that husband.

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