Thursday, March 3, 2011

Back with Gratitude

Hello. It has been a while. Since then and now. Much has happened. Perhaps one day I will tell of it...but for now I am simply grateful to be back. (Even if back is not what it once was.) I will start with some Gratitude. Gratitude Monday on a Thursday.

92. My very own little viking. (Complete with sticky Red Lollipop face and hands.)

93. Oldest Son and his Rainbow Lollipop. It was a must have that turned into a should not have. (I recall they did not taste well when I was a child as well. I am thinking Disneyland.)

94. Brothers. They truly melt my heart.

95. Sisters and a niece. (Truly a blessing to have sisters.)

96. The way the sky reflects off the wet sand.
97. The little footprints that walk upon it.
98. The wild ocean. (The way it makes me feel.)

99. Oldest Son and his BEAUTIFUL eyes. (I know I say this often. True. There is great love here.)

100. Boy Cousins. (I enjoy the differences in hair. Makes me smile.)

101. The photo contest loser. (It was tragic, but I could not pick my own son. He will get over it. It was only a LIFESAVER after all.)

102. Youngest Son. (This photo tells the truth about this boy.) He is unique. He is sweet. He is silly. He is clever. He is a handful. He is pure boy MAGIC and I love him so.

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